Red Admiral Butterfly

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The Luke Jacomb Studio cast glass butterflies are designed as a kinetic sculpture, mounted using piano wire, they appear to float on the wall and will flutter in a breeze, creating a joyful display.

This series includes two native New Zealand butterflies in a plethora of luminous colours. 

The red admiral (kahukura) is unique to New Zealand and found nowhere else in the world. Its Māori name, kahukura, means “red cloak” or “red garment”, which likely refers to the striking red patches on its wings.

  • Dimensions (approx.): L/ 16cm (including antennae) W/ 15cm D/ 1cm
  • Two sizes of Butterfly - Red Admiral (small) and Monarch (large)
  • Available in a variety of colours, please note that the colour variants displayed are of our bird species. 

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