KONNA Fruit Fly Trap

KONNA Fruit Fly Trap

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Happy Sinks Konna Fruit Fly Trap

Designed by HAPPY SiNKS in Finland, the KONNA fruit fly trap is a small thing that can make a big difference.

KONNA is designed to attract and catch pesky fruit flies in an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly way.
Fill the KONNA with desired formulation (see below) and place on your kitchen counter or close to fruit bowl or houseplants. 

KONNA is dishwasher safe so it's super easy to clean.

KONNA is made of high-quality Finnish wood composite. Wood gives each KONNA a unique surface pleasing to look and feel. The raw materials are from renewable sources and Finnish wood industry leftovers, so no additional wood harvesting is needed.

Below are some bait recipes for KONNA

Option 1: with vinegar

25 ml water
25 ml vinegar (preferred raw/unfiltered apple cider vinegar) 
0.5 tbsp sugar
0.5 tbsp dish washing liquid

Option 2: with syrup/ honey

25 ml water
25 ml syrup/ honey  
0.5 tbsp dish washing liquid

Option 3: with old fruit

25 ml water
15 ml of small piece of old fruit
1 tbsp dish washing liquid


Fill KONNA with 50 ml of your choice of mixed bait liquid. Mix the bait liquid according to your recipe, except the dish washing liquid. Add old fruit if there is. Lastly, add the dish washing liquid on the top of the mixture and don't mix anymore (soap should stay on top of the liquid). 


Align the head of KONNA to match the symbol on the base. Twist the head and close it tightly. Place KONNA on your kitchen counter or close to fruit bowl or houseplants. KONNA is now ready to attract and catch fruit flies with non-toxic bait liquid.


Depending on how much fruit flies are around your house, it is recommended to wash and replace a new bait liquid in every 2 weeks. KONNA is safe for dishwasher so it's super easy to clean. 

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