I Love Lemonade

I Love Lemonade

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I Love Lemonade (Baa Baa Smart Sheep #2)

A duped--and grossed-out--Quirky Turkey is aiming for payback, but does he have what it takes to pull the wool over Baa Baa's eyes?   After getting tricked by Little Baa Baa into eating "smarty tablets," Quirky Turkey wants revenge. What if he uses Baa Baa's own tactics against him by exchanging a few pleasantries before tempting his friend with a fresh, delicious glass of "lemonade"? Turns out gullibility isn't so easy to quench in an outrageous follow-up to Baa Baa Smart Sheep that will have kids laughing so hard, they may just lemonade themselves.

NZ Author Mark Sommerset

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