Hair & Travel Towel - Olive/Swan

Hair & Travel Towel - Olive/Swan

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Hair & Travel Towel - Olive | Swan

Introducing Ecovask's Organic Cotton Hair & Travel Towel – the ultimate essential for long, thick hair!  Say goodbye to bulky bath towels and nasty microfiber towels.

While microfibre towels are known for their absorbency and quick drying nature, their synthetic fibres are not great for hair as they can generate static electricity leading to frizzy and fly away hair. And then there is the issue of microfibre contributing to plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways!


Gentle on your Hair:

We tried and tested many designs but ultimately fell in love with our Hair & Travel Towel concept. Not only is it ultra-soft and gentle on your hair, thus reducing frizz and breakage, it is also perfect for those with thick, long hair.


Versatile Design:

Not just for hair! Our towel lightweight and easily foldable and designed for life on the go. Perfect for camping, back packing or hitting the gym.



Ethically manufactured Made in India from certified organic cotton, means products are sourced from environmentally friendly and pesticide-free cultivation practices, reducing the ecological footprint associated with conventional cotton production.

Size 120cm x 65cm. Machine wash & dry.

Note: we recommend soaking towels overnight in bucket of cold water and ½ cup white vinegar before using and washing the first time to optimise absorbency. 

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