Summer Pohutukawa Fairy

Summer Pohutukawa Fairy

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NZ Fairies - Summer Pohutukawa Fairy 13 cm

This 2023 NZ Pohutukawa Summer Fairy Doll is one of a series of New Zealand inspired Fairy Dolls and Elves, loved all around the world.

The NZ Pohutukawa Summer Fairy Doll is approximately 13cm (5 1/8") long and beautifully dressed and detailed.

On her head is a pohutukawa flower, so too on her red skirt. Her wings are a lovely representation of Pohutukawa leaves, and her bodice sparkles with sequins.

All the Fairy Dolls have bendable arms and legs, making them fun to play with.

These Fairy Dolls and Elves make great Christmas Decorations, as each one has a fine gold hang cord, and they make great collectibles as well.

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