Sofa Hugga - Natural

Sofa Hugga - Natural

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Sofa Arm Hugga Flat Top Natural

Our Sofa arm Hugga design is a huge seller and they make an ideal gift.  Everyone who has one at home and receives visitors they say "wow what a great idea-Where did you get that?"  In fact a lot customers come back and buy more for gifts. They simply just sit on most sofa  lounge suites  by the flexible slats so you can have that nice cup tea safely.  We have  2 options and the size is 375x 250. A flat top and  also now a model with side pockets so you can store that TV remote you always cant find.  Both models are made from bamboo and are  available in 3 colours-Natural black or walnut finishes. 

Our Sofa Arm Hugga is a great space saver & harvested from 100% sustainable protected bamboo forests. 

Flexible design will fit most arm sizes and shapes for sofas or chairs, providing a stable, flat surface at easy arm's reach

Our bamboo is finished with high quality, wipe down coating for easy cleaning - much easier than cleaning your sofa armrest for sure.

  • 100% sustainable protected bamboo forests
  • Anti-Slip Material Underneath
  • Recyclable Packaging