Sofa Arm Hugga (Flat) Walnut

Sofa Arm Hugga (Flat) Walnut

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Our Sofa Arm Hugga is a great space saver & harvested from 100% sustainable protected bamboo forests. Now you can have your drink close by, remote, book, phone & your favourite snack right next to you!

Flexible design will fit most arm sizes and shapes for sofas or chairs, providing a stable, flat surface at easy arm's reach

Ideal for resting cups, mugs, cans, bottles, plates, phones, tablets, remote controls, books, reading glasses, etc.

Our bamboo is finished with high quality, wipe down coating for easy cleaning - much easier than cleaning your sofa armrest for sure.

  • 100% sustainable protected bamboo forests
  • Anti-Slip Material Underneath
  • Recyclable Packaging

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