Reckless Together Card Game

Reckless Together Game

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Reckless Together Card Game

A witty game that'll make you hoot, holler & giggle.

Solve a ridiculous scenario on every card and challenge how well you know your other half or friends. You're in for belly laughs that hurt your ribs and hilarious inside jokes.

Play a question a day to relax and laugh together, or order dinner and take on the entire deck!

Life's a lot. Reckless Together was created by a tired new parent to help busy people press pause on the chaos, genuinely connect, and laugh really hard.

Optional game rules include crowd favourite, 'What's on the line?' Before play begins, put something at stake like who's cooking dinner or who gets to name the baby. The game is endlessly re-playable, so you can mix up the optional rules each time you play.

"When she said, 'First, I'd use you as bait...' I knew she was the one!"

Pack contains: Game rules, play levels, 'your turn' quick start cards, question cards.

"It made date night fun! This game had us in fits of laughter."


Let’s get reckless.

Go on, grab your other half or a friend and share a bundle of laughs while recklessly testing how well you know each other. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s find out…

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