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Funny Farm Tractor Book

Funny Farm Tractor Book

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Funny Farm Tractor Tractor Board Book

Format 180mmx170mm Board with Lift the Flaps and Pop Ups                                           

One big tractor, shiny and new. One small tractor, rusty and blue... TRACTOR TRACTOR is the second book in a series of lift-the-flap books about the humorous goings-on at Funny Farm. Each book has an early-learning aspect and TRACTOR TRACTOR is all about opposites. It has sliders too, so children can make the tractors move forward and back, fast and slow. It's harvest time and Red arrives shiny, fast and strong. Blue is an old faithful - small and rusty but wise and calm. So when Red decides to race home after a hard day's harvesting, Blue lets him go, only to find Red in a ditch, no longer shiny and clean but the dirtiest - and smelliest! - tractor he's ever seen. A warm-hearted story that shows, despite being opposites, young and old can make a great team, and the very best of friends.

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